Year-Round Kayak Fishing

Fishing is great, but have you ever tried fishing in a kayak? Kayak fishing is a year-round sport that provides a great experience for anyone. Whether you enjoy competitive fishing or fishing for leisure, kayak fishing is the perfect option. Bigger boats are not able to fit into those smaller honey holes. Kayaks easily maneuver through waterways allowing you all of the opportunities to fish and enjoy your day. Here is a list of packing tips for your next kayak fishing trip.

  1. Bring Safety Gear- Items such as whistles, flares, gloves, and a first aid kit are important to include on your packing list.

  2. Pack food and water- Make sure that you have plenty of food and water to get you through your trip.

  3. Don’t forget your fishing handling gear- Nets, line cutters, stringer, and hooks are necessary for ensuring your best catch.

If you are looking for the right kayak for your next fishing trip, let Arts Marine guide you. Check out some of our new inventory kayaks here!

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