First-Time Boat Owners Guide to Success

Did you recently buy a new boat or are you thinking about buying a boat? Here are a few tips to ensure a fun and safe boating experience.

Safety is key

Make sure to pay attention during your boating safety course and read the appropriate materials before getting on the water.

Check the weather

Before you decide to take your boat out for the day, make sure that there is no bad weather coming your way.

Try all of the fun boating activities

Whether you are tubing, skiing, or fishing, a fun time is ensured by all!

Remember life jackets

Make sure that you have enough life jackets for everyone, especially for kids.

Slow down for big waves

It is important to pull back on the throttle when going over the larger waves. Your passengers will not appreciate the impact otherwise.

Teamwork encourages involvement

Boating is a great opportunity to get everyone involved- even the youngest members!

Give your best boat wave!

Boaters love to share a wave as they pass, so make sure to show your best boat wave.

Be safe out on the water and let Arts Marine help you with your first boat purchase!

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