Fall boating is in season!

When we think of boating, we associate it with fishing, swimming and water activities during the summer. Fall boating has its own unique advantages that are just as fun. Here is a list of all the great ways to enjoy Fall on the water:

1. Fewer people on the water

Fall boating means fewer people since most enjoy boating in the warm weather. Places that are normally crowded will be less crowded and easier to enjoy.

2. The view of fall foliage

Seeing the bright colors of leaves and fall foliage from the water is a great way to celebrate a new season.

3. Cool Autumn weather

Enjoy the breezy fall weather with sweatshirts and blankets out on the water!

4. Fall fishing

There are many catching opportunities during the fall season, so keep your fishing gear ready.

5. Hunting seasons

From ducks to deer and everything in between, boats are part of the enjoyment!

Here’s is a link to the best year-round fishing in Arkansas! Enjoy! https://www.arkansas.com/things-to-do/sports-recreation/hunting-fishing/fishing/seasons

ARTS Marine will keep you on the water no matter the season.