Brand Highlight: Buffalo Canoes

Buffalo Canoes are the most durable and flexible canoes that exist. They are suitable for any whitewater that will accommodate open-top watercraft. This will be a purchase that you will be able to enjoy for a lifetime.

The craftsmanship of these buffalo canoes is made of the best materials. They have been paddled everywhere from Arkansas to Alaska. We promise that this boat is exactly what you need for your hunting, fishing, or camping trip.

Buffalo Canoes' classic design is available in red, blue, green, brown, and yellow. A Real tree camouflage model is available as well and is quickly becoming our most popular option.

Additionally, you have a choice of either natural/stained wood or cast aluminum bracing. If the climate is more of a concern for you, we also offer ABS plastic seating.

Come get your Canoe for the summer!