Trolling motors make fishing much easier by helping you to slip quietly through the water and not alert the fish that you’re coming. The best part is, Arts Marine now offers the motors of one of the best brands out there – Minn Kota fishing motors.

Check out our latest selection of Minn Kota trolling motors to find the best one for your boat. We currently have an excellent list of freshwater and saltwater trolling motors for sale. We can also service your used motors and perform diagnostics and Minn Kota trolling motor repairs on request.

The combination of features found in Minn Kota fishing motors lets boaters spend less of their time adjusting and more of their time actually fishing. From the fish finder to the trolling motor and the shallow water anchor, there’s a perfect combination of gear that will make your fishing life much easier.

Minn Kota provides much more than just a standard trolling motor. Their current collection combines bow-mount, transom-mount, and engine mount trolling motors for fresh and salt waters, and they also feature electric outboard motors, battery chargers, Talon shallow water anchors, and fishing apparel.

You can find all of this at a very affordable rate with a quick search on our website. If you need help finding the best trolling motor for your boat, we’ll lend you a hand too. With brands such as Minn Kota, you can’t really go wrong. Whether you want to purchase a new motor or repair an old one, we are highly qualified to assist you.

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