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Gheenoe offers 4 models:

• Two 120 pound Gheenoe's, the 13' and 15'4" models - These are light enough to easily be put on top of a car or in the back of a truck. 


• Two wider and roomier Gheenoe's, the 15'6" Classic - For the fisherman who wants a little more room


• The largest Gheenoe - a 16' Super, available with stick steering or center console.  The Super is considered, by many, to be the World's Ultimate Flats Boat. 


• There are two additional models being manufactured, the Low-Tide 10 and the Low-Tide 25. Call for details and information on these models.


If you're trying to get into really shallow water, wanting to brag about the one that didn't get away, out to bag your limit of ducks, or just looking for a fun, safe day on the water with the family, .... think Gheenoe!  If you want a boat that's nearly impossible to tip over... become a happy Gheenoe owner!

Gheenoe boat
Gheenoe boat

Don't see what you're looking for? We will be happy to help customize a boat to fit your needs or order a specific boat you have seen.