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G3 V Series Pontoon Boats

For many Americans, nothing spells out “summer vacation,” quite like a day out on the water, whether it’s out on a shimmering lake or languishing on the beach.

When it comes to having fun in the water, you have two popular options. You could stay by the shore, and maybe rent a picnic table, bring some inflatable toys, and frolic out in the shallows. The problem is that you’re also sharing that space with crowds of other people, especially in peak times.

The second option is to enjoy yourself out on the open water in your very own “private island.” When we say private, we mean your own paradise entirely. Comfortable seats all to yourself and a spot to yourself wherever you choose.

The best thing about option two is that the refreshing water is right there beside you when you feel like a dip or decide to play some water sports. The only obstacle is that owning a private island is next to impossible unless you’re a billionaire.

Do you know what the next best thing is, though? Pontoon boats. Imagine a floating island filled with all the luxuries you could ever want, and you have the perfect description of this paradise-on-a-boat.

Pontoons from Yamaha

In the pontoon boat business, nothing beats the models made by G3. The Yamaha boat company has been manufacturing quality boats for years, using excellent craftsmanship and extensive industry experience. The result is the ideal combination of luxury and performance.

Their impressive boats and pontoons are phenomenal, and you’ll never go wrong with their SunCatcher V Series. Each model in the range provides all the essentials, and  more, giving your family maximum enjoyment out in the open water.

These pontoon boats are meticulously designed, with layouts that facilitate natural movement and smartly maximize every available space on board. Every inch of it is conducive to comfort and relaxation.

We’re talking about sinking into plushy lounge chairs that are tough to vacate once you’ve settled yourself into one. Soft and luxurious, these chairs are the ideal way to relax in a boat with your friends and loved ones.

Yamaha Pontoon Boat

Relaxation and Style

What’s a day of lounging around without tasty food and refreshing beverages? The V Series provides plenty of ways to entertain your guests, like the removable pedestals and tables that bring refreshments and snacks within easy reach. For onboard entertainment, the built-in Jensen Stereo with dynamic speakers is amazing for pumping those high-fidelity tunes.

If you’re bringing in an abundance of inflatable toys and water equipment, the V Series also has generous storage space throughout the boat. Whatever activity your family fancies, bring it all with you.

G3 Pontoon Boat

The Best Choice

Owning a V Series pontoon boat is a life-changing experience. It’s a worthy investment that would bring you years of family fun, relaxation, and bonding time. It’s the best way to unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Are you ready to be the proud owner of a pontoon boat? Inquire about the V Series with Art’s Marine today. Or, drop by our showroom to see our stunning new units up close.

Suncatche Pontoon Boat

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