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G3 Gator Tough Jon Boats

The Gator Tough Jon boats from G3 Boats are versatile and rugged models that are suitable for use throughout the year. Many fishermen use these boats for duck hunting during the fall and winter, and for fishing during the spring and summer.

The G3 Gator Tough Jons duck boats are known for their durable construction, camo color choices, and reliable Yamaha power. Visit Arts Marine’s showroom to learn more about the G3 Gator Tough duck boats and to experience their durability and quality for yourself.

Gator Tough 15 DK

If compactivity and optimal mobility are what you are looking for in a fishing boat, consider the Gator Tough 15 DK. This model, with its rugged construction and open layout, comes with a wide range of features and accessories to enhance your fishing or hunting experience.

The Gator Tough 15 DK standard package includes:

A welded .100-gauge hull

A sturdy galvanized tubular steel Bear® trailer

13-inch radial tires

DynaGrip® interior

The 15 DK has a length of 15’ 5” and a beam of 69”. The total package width of the 15 DK is 73,” and the height of the all-aluminum transom is 20”, which is suitable for a long-shaft engine. Since the 15 DK has a capacity for up to three people and a maximum weight cap of 875 lbs., you are not strictly limited in terms of weight, despite the compact dimensions of the boat.

A storage compartment for small items is located conveniently under the bow, and along the port side is a lockable storage compartment for your fishing tackle. The side storage doubles as a seat when the lid is closed.

Valuable accessories that come standard with the 15 DK include a 12-volt power outlet for your fish finder or other electronic devices, as well as bow LED headlights to show you the way in poor visibility conditions.

The 15 DK is compatible with several outboard Yamaha motor options between 9.9HP and 40HP, and it has a design that allows for economical fuel consumption and efficient towing. Color options and camo patterns include:

Mossy Oak® choices, (Break-Up® and Shadow Grass®)

Desert Brown

This compact-yet-durable boat is suitable for a wide range of fishing and duck hunting applications. To get an up-close and personal view of the Gator Tough 15 DK, visit Arts marine’s showroom.

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Gator Tough 16 DK

The Gator Tough 16 DK has a durable construction, open layout, and several features to ensure compatibility with optional extras.  This boat also offers ample seating and storage for added comfort and convenience when you are out fishing or duck hunting.

The Gator Tough 16 DK’s standard features include:

A welded .100-gauge hull

A galvanized tubular steel Trail Guard® trailer with locking detachable tongue

13” radial tires

20” transom height

The Gator Tough 16 DK has a length of 18’6”, and a package width of 85”. While this is not the largest boat in this series, it has sufficient space for ample storage, comfortable seating for up to three people, and uninhibited movement.

There is plenty of storage space for tackle, gear, and personal belongings. The 16 DK features two storage compartments: a front-deck compartment and a large, lockable box along the port sidewall that doubles as a hunter’s seat when the lid is closed.

Other helpful fixtures to the 16 DK include a switch panel with a 12-volt receptacle to power fish finders and other electronic devices, an extended deck plate with built-in hand-holds that allow for easy positioning, and slotted rails that you can use to rig accessories, like rod holders.

Fitted under the bow extension are two LED headlights for easy navigation when it’s dark or foggy. Next to the motor is a slider seat for added driving comfort.

The 16 DK has a DynaGrip® interior, and you can choose from two Mossy Oak® colors, and Desert Brown.

There is a lot to love about the 2019 Gator Tough 16 DK. If you are an avid duck hunter or fisherman, visit Arts Marine’s showroom to view this boat personally and to learn more about its features.

Gator Tough 18 DK

The Gator Tough 18 DK is filled to the brim with high-end specifications and features. This duck boat is also the largest in this series and a suitable for option if you need unrestricted movement and ample storage space.

The features of the 18 DK include:

A welded .100 hull

A galvanized tubular steel Trail Guard® trailer with locking detachable tongue

14” radial tires

A DynaGrip interior

The 18 DK is 18’ 6” long, and it has a package width of 85”. Together with its generous dimensions, the 18 DK has a deadrise of 12 degrees, a heavy-duty ice-breaker keel, and a maximum power capacity of 70HP, allowing you to glide along effortlessly to your favorite fishing spot.

The size of 18 DK is large enough to accommodate up to four people as well as sizeable storage compartments. The 18 DK’s storage includes an equipment ledge under the gunnel, lockable storage along the port side for tackle, and a smaller storage compartment under the bow for personal belongings and electronic devices.

Accessories and features for added convenience include two LED navigational lights for poor visibility conditions and an extended deck plate with hand-holds for easy positioning.  The 18 DK is also fitted with three pedestal locations that you can use to attach optional camo fishing seats for comfortable fishing and hunting.

The DynaGrip® interior allows for easy water clean-up and provides ample grip for safely moving around in the boat. You can choose from two Mossy Oak® colors for the exterior (Shadow Grass® and Break-Up®). The Gator Tough 18 DK is a rugged and versatile Jon boat with all the features you need for fishing and duck hunting.

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