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Arts Marine offers the industry’s best hunting and fishing boats produced by one of the best boating brands available. With our service, you can get more than the popular G3 aluminum fishing boats. We have their latest collection of boats and G3 boat parts. On top of that, we can service your used G3 boats whenever you need it.

The G3 Brand offers you the best tool for boating – an aluminum hunting or fishing boat of top-notch quality. In addition to this, we also sell the popular G3 boat parts that will make your boating experience easier and much more enjoyable. We also offer G3 boat repairs on your used boats, making it possible for you to get back on the water with an ease of mind, ready for new memories.

Whether you have a leak or your boat was somehow damaged due to weather conditions or collisions, our team is prepared to help.  We don’t merely sell some of the best boats in the industry, but we are also experts in handling all kinds of G3 boat problems.

The full G3 boat collection includes the following:


Diamond Elite Pontoon Boats

Elite Series

V Series

Gator Tough Johns

Angler V

Bay Boats

As you can see, the G3 brand has plenty to offer. If you’re a fisherman or your enjoy hunting with a boat, this might just be the perfect spot for you to find some of the latest G3 boats and products at an attractive price.

Don't see what you're looking for? We will be happy to help customize a boat to fit your needs or order a specific boat you have seen.

G3 Sportsman fishing boat