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Fishing Boats

G3 Boats

The G3 Boat selection is the most versatile selection we have in our list of aluminum fishing boats. In this selection, you’ll find the following options:


X Series

Angler V

Bay Boats

Gator Tough Jons

All aluminum fishing boats from G3 Boats set a high standard for quality and excellence. This full range of versatile boat choices gives all fishermen precisely what they need.

Thanks to the unique and versatile boat layouts, various storage amounts, big casting decks, and quality features, these series are among the most popular boating series sold on the market.

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Alumacraft boat company has been an independently owned and operated boat company in Minnesota since 1946 – building aluminum fishing boats from 10′ to 20′. Alumacraft offers family orientated fun in their Trophy series, finding a true 50/50 split between fishing and skiing. Keep everyone happy and safe in this deep freeboard line of Trophy Alumacrafts.

Alumacrafts come with their 2XB Double plated hulls give Alumacrafts a solid comfortable ride that is unmatched. Alumacraft Dominators and Navigators offer lots of rod storage and either full windshield or side consoles. They also come with Alumacrafts new Alumatrac system that can be used to mount rod holders.


Gheenoe offers 4 models:

• Two 120 pound Gheenoe's, the 13' and 15'4" models - These are light enough to easily be put on top of a car or in the back of a truck. 


• Two wider and roomier Gheenoe's, the 15'6" Classic - For the fisherman who wants a little more room


• The largest Gheenoe - a 16' Super, available with stick steering or center console.  The Super is considered, by many, to be the World's Ultimate Flats Boat. 


There are two additional models being manufactured in the CustomGheenoe.com.


If you're trying to get into really shallow water, wanting to brag about the one that didn't get away, out to bag your limit of ducks, or just looking for a fun, safe day on the water with the family, .... think Gheenoe!  If you want a boat that's nearly impossible to tip over... become a happy Gheenoe owner!

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WeldBilt Boats

WeldBilt Boats are widely known aluminum fishing boats with a magnificent set of features. The deck of these boats features a trolling motor mount, a rear deck hatch, and a 16-inch deck extension. The measurements can vary between 40 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches, with or without storage.

In our collection of WeldBilt Boats, you’ll find options in various colors including white, brown, olive drab green, camo, as well as unpainted aluminum fishing boats. The side seats, seat bases, and in-cross seats are optional. You’ll also find boats with floors that include sides as well as options without sides, an extra transom brace, and even a rod or gun box.

Regarding the console, the features are as follows: