Portable Outboards



  • 3.5HP and the 6HP come with a one-cylinder engine type

  • 9.8HP and the 15HP utilize a two-cylinder engine type

  • The engine manages a full-throttle 5,000-6,000 rotations per minute

  • The 15HP portable outboard weighs an impressive 114 pounds, thus making it light

  • Comes with an idle choke system that allows for fast starting

  • The 3.5HP portable outboard weighs 41 pounds, making it easy to move around

  • The 15HP engine starts electrically, while the lower-powered models are pull-start

  • Incredible control features such as shift levers, power tilt, and shallow water drive

The Evinrude Portable Outboards 3.5HP-15HP Series in Review

The presence of optional features such as power tilt, shift levers, and water drive make these portable outboards simple to control. The ease of navigation leaves you enough time to focus on your adventure on the water. 

Having a selection of Evinrude Portable Outboards increases the versatility of your boat while out on the water. For instance, you can switch to an engine that is more suitable to shallow waters when shore fishing. The availability of portable options gives you options when it comes to determining boating activities.

The presence of a flow-through pop in the engine ensures that the portable engines make minimum noise when in use. Quiet running translates to successful fishing trips as well as peaceful navigations for a relaxing experience.

The Evinrude Portable Outboards also come with integral fuel tanks that minimize fuel consumption. The fuel tank is designed to provide compact performance, especially when It comes to speed and torque.


Unlike other Evinrude engines, the Portable Outboards are designed to be lightweight, which makes them easy to install and replace with other engines. The inter-usability of these engines promotes their durability, especially in the long run as they will be used in alternation.

Why Should You Get an Evinrude Portable Outboard Engine?

If you are like most boating enthusiasts, then you must have a lot of adventure ideas already in your bucket list. With the Evinrude Portable Outboards Series, you no longer have to worry about stressing your boat`s engine or reducing durability.

Due to utilizing fuel efficiency mechanisms, the portable outboards make them highly convenient for regular use. Therefore, fuel consumption should not be an issue when dealing with Evinrude Portable Outboards. 

If you are an enthusiast looking to take your boating experience to the next level, then it is advisable to consider Evinrude portable outboard options. However, to ensure that you get the best portable engine for your needs, we recommend reaching out to our team of friendly experts. Our support staff will advise you on features to be on the look-out for and how to make the best use of your portable engines.

3.5 HP

6 HP

9.8 HP

15 HP

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