E-TEC Pontoon Series 90HP and 115HP Key



  • Designed specifically for pontoons

  • Tuned to deliver thrust

  • Utilize modern technology to reduce vibrations

  • Presence of unique software and optimized gear ratios

  • Comes fitted with elements that increase stopping power and improve throttle

  • Contains a straight leading-edge gear case (SLE), which gives you more speed

  • Unique shape designed to slice weeds and improve water pickups

  • Comes with either 90HP or 115HP output options

  • Fuel efficient as it utilizes direct-injection technology

The Evinrude E-TEC Pontoon Series in Review

The E-TEC Pontoon Series allows you to get the best out of your pontoon. This pontoon-specific 90HP and 115 HP engines are better suited to the functioning of floats, which allows for quieter and smoother rides.

Evinrude’s uniquely designed pontoon engines are ideal for calm water surfaces and make the most out of your boat’s thrust abilities. They are well equipped with modern technology to allow for quicker acceleration and improved stopping power. The technological enhancements give you more control when riding out in the lake with your family. The reduced noise emission improves the overall boating experience, allowing you to go fishing with ease or even have onboard conversations without struggling to understand each other.

The E-TEC Pontoon Series 90HP and 115HP enhance stability and ensure your boat performs better than average when the water surface becomes slightly unstable. The presence of an SLE gearcase guarantees efficient water pickups and weed slicing, which helps in overall energy conservation.


Acquiring a pontoon-specific engine improves the performance, durability, and valuation of your boat. This can give you some much required negotiating power if you ever look to either sell or rent out your pontoon. 

Why Choose the Evinrude E-TEC Pontoon Series 90HP or 115HP?

Pontoon-specific Evinrude E-TEC series engines are guaranteed to improve your boating experience significantly. Unlike the engines designed for traditional boats, the pontoon specific designs allow for the optimal functioning of your pontoon while also maximizing comfort. 

In a bid to get the best out of your pontoon, we recommend upgrading to the engine size that suits your boat best. Depending on preferences and overall boat size, you can select either the E-TEC 90HP or 115H pontoon series. 

As you look to make that upgrade and finally fit your pontoon with the appropriate E-TEC engine, we invite you to contact us. We value our clients, and as a result, we always look for ways to help out or offer professional guidance. After all, we are happy when you are happy. To get yourself the highly efficient E-TEC pontoon series, stop by Art’s Marine today. We also carry a wide range of quality boat parts, accessories, and other marine equipment.

90 HP

115 HP

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