Multi-Fuel Engines



  • Incorporates E-TEC technology

  • Utilizes E-TEC injectors, which makes it fuel-efficient

  • Digitized fuel system to manage overall combustion

  • Combination of government technology and Evinrude E-TEC horsepower ranges 

  • Comes with deflector pins and special cylinder sleeve oiling

  • Lightweight enough to allow for portability on land

  • Specifically designed to eliminate engine noise

  • Uses a direct-injection fuel system for increased efficiency

  • Unique, state-of-the-art engine mapping systems

Evinrude Multi-Fuel Engines 30HP and 55 HP in Review

Appropriate for stealth or official operations as it utilizes a noise reduction mechanism, the MFE is trusted by marines as an efficient form of transportation. This is a moto that can come in handy when looking to commute in stealth mode.

The MFE, due to its reliance on an energy-conserving mechanism, is highly efficient when it comes to exhaust emissions. As such, you can use the outboard and its board without the fear of detection through smoke. Features such as low emissions and minimal noise make the MFE highly appropriate for sensitive missions and professional training.

Innovations such as modified deflector pins and special cylinder sleeve oiling make the MFE convenient for official use. However, the presence of an onboard computer also makes it easy to use and appropriate for civilians. 

Since the Evinrude MFE is specifically designed to perform operations in stealth mode, it can be quietly airdropped or launched from a submarine. The boat and the outboard are all designed to occupy little space and weigh little to allow for fluid movement.

Why you need an Evinrude Multi-Fuel Engine

Unlike most boats that can be used by experts and novices with ease, the MFEs are appropriate for experienced users or experts looking to complete high-intensity tasks. If you are undergoing any form of physical water mass training, then having a Multi-Fuel engine as your companion can genuinely come in handy.

Boating with an MFE is not only cost-effective but also friendlier to the environment when compared to other types of boats.  The low exhaust emission coupled with low noise emission makes the MFE an appropriate option when going for stealth or high-risk missions.

Although the MFEs are mostly used for official purposes, you can also use them in your outdoor activities such as fishing and competitions. It is not uncommon for boating enthusiasts to switch to MFEs every once in a while when looking for a change.

Before acquiring an Evinrude Multi-fuel Engine, it is crucial to understand your intended or preferred use.  We can help you make the right choice based on your professional or leisure needs. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

30 HP

55 HP

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